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"Science will sooner or later bring the obtained objective results to our
subjective world, and will at once illuminate our mysterious nature, will explain the mechanism and vital meaning of that which eternally occupies the human mind - it's conscience, and it's tribulations."
-- I. Pavlov

The 2006 article "Does vagus nerve constitute a self-organization complexity or a 'hidden network'?", is a significant contribution to the realization of Pavlov's prediction. The authors write :

"We suggest that the vagus nerve might constitute a highly differentiated
complex system which modulates various functions. Moreover, we propose that the
vagus nerve as a complex system might participate in constitution of a
biological compartment of conscious."

My 2001 Hill News Vagus Nerve Advertisement

Although I did not use the phrase "hidden network", I discussed the importance of the vagus nerve to Chinese medicine in my 2001 Hill News advertisement, "East Meets West". . A strong argument can be made that Chinese medicine is the "highly differentiated complex system". The Chinese thousands of years ago knew much of what we are discovering today.

Daniel Brown makes a similar statement in "The Energy Body and Its Functions:Immuno-Surveillance, Longevity and Regeneration". .

"First, I believe that Western research on the immune system has
over-emphasized the biochemical signaling system and under-emphasized the
energy information signaling system, which is so much the focus of traditional
Eastern healing systems like traditional Chinese medicine and Tibetan medicine.
Modern Western energy medicine is just rediscovering an energy signaling system
first described nearly four thousand years ago and mapped out in detail about
five hundred years ago."

The Shanghai College of Medicine in Acupuncture: A Comprehensive Text further confirms the meridian system is a "hidden network". From "The Channels and Conductivity" section:

"...although the acupuncture channels are closely related to the nervous system,
it is hypothesized the channels constitute a similar, though independent system
of conduction....researchers believe that the channels comprise a kind of
conduction system, possibly distributed superficially over the body, which is
relatively independent and obeys strict rules." (Shanghai College of
Medicine, Acupuncture: A Comprehensive Text, Translated and Edited by Dan Bensky and John O'Connor.Eastland Press,1981, pg.114)

The knowledge of the substances that can obstruct this system would be invaluable to militaries and intelligence agencies who wish to render their enemies helpless. It is my opinion that the development of "nonlethal" biological weapons has been one of the goals of the involuntary human experimentation programs. which a researcher told me, over ten years ago, were no longer experiments but policy. It is also beneficial to create diseases that the average physician is incapable of making a diagnosis. In The Search For The Manchurian Candidate, John Marks wrote : "The Inspector General noted that the whole program could be compromised if an outside doctor 'made a correct diagnosis of an illness' Thus the MKULTRA program not only made some people sick but had a vested interest in keeping them from finding out what was really wrong." ( John Marks,The Search For The Manchurian Candidate, W.W. Norton & Co., pg. 106.) If Viktor Yushchencko and Alexander Litvinenko hadn't been important individuals, it is very possible, there would never have been a diagnosis. We also may never have heard of them. Moreover, even though they were familiar with the operations of intelligence agencies, neither could avoid being poisoned.

The Chinese had over 2000 years of experience learning what substances obstruct the channels. Paul Unschuld in Medicine in China refers to "The Concept of Ku" in describing one kind of poisoning. The victims were often enemies of the society: oppressors and those whose life style was judged improperly greedy. An example of the latter would have been finding possessions in the road and taking them home. In other words, finders keepers, finders weepers. Even worse than weeping: death. Paul Unschuld quotes from De Groot by Feng and Shryock in describing how the society dealt with oppressors:

"The chiefs of Yuan-chiang have handed down the method of producing ku. The
medicine is not beneficient, but is poisonous. An astonishing fact is that when
a new magistrate arrives, the people must prepare a feast to welcome him, and
they poison him then. The poison does not become effective during his term of
office, but the pupils of his eyes turn from black to blue, and his face becomes
pale and swollen. Then some months after he leaves office, his whole family
dies"(Paul U. Unschuld, Medicine In China: A History of Ideas, Berkeley.
Los Angeles, London: University of California Press, 1985, pg.49)

A swollen abdomen, emaciation and paranoia, some of the symptoms of Ku poisoning, show an early Chinese awareness of metabolic psychiatric disorders. Yan De-xin writes Traditional Chinese Medicine has treated diabetes for thouseands of years. "In the medical history of the world, the earliest knowledge of this disease is found in TCM." (Yan De-xin, Aging and Blood Stasis: A New TCM Approach to Geriatrics, Blue Poppy Press, Colorado, June 1995. pg. 192). Chinese medical science advanced with the development of antidotes to ku posoning.

The military and pharmaceutical companies have been the beneficiaries from programs investigating the validity and mechanisms of Chinese medicine If the research benefited from secret U. S.-Chinese military agreements, this possibility needs to be investigated. To the extent that Chinese medicine has received the U. S. Government's seal of approval, the public has also benefited, but it is a benefit that should never been necessary.The reality is the public should should never have been deprived the benefits of Chinese medicine In the early 19th century Franklin Bache, Benjamin Franklin's great-grandson, practiced acupuncture. How acupuncture and homeopathy disappeared is an article for another time. My concern is the slow reappearance of complementary medicine in the post World War II era. What was known? When was it known? Why has knowledge been hidden? Who has benefited and who will benefit?


"The vagus nerve (pronounced /ˈveɪˌgəs/) (VĀ-gəs) (also called pneumogastric nerve or cranial nerve X) is the tenth of twelve paired cranial nerves, and is the only nerve that starts in the brain stem (within the medulla oblongata) and extends, through the jugular foramen, down below the head, to the neck, chest and abdomen, where it contributes to the innervation of the viscera."

Medical studies have demonstrated the vagus nerve's connection to the following diseases and conditions: cancer, Alzheimer's, diabetes, depression, schizophrenia, immune system disorders, heart disease, obesity, loss of memory, and hiccups. In 1999 I saw a small article in The New York Times "Slowing the Heart, Extending the Life" It quoted Dr. Lauer, a Cleveland Institutes's cardiologist, that there was "no treatment for abnormalities of the vagal system". I knew this to be wrong. I knew Chinese medicine treated the vagus nerve.In 1968, in the Handbook of Auricular Therapy, P. Nogier whom the Chinese consider as the father of modern auricular acupuncture was one of the first major acupuncturists to discuss the treatment of the vagus nerve. Today, there are many acupuncture and Chinese herbal books that discuss treatment of the vagus nerve.

I was first told about the suspected connection between Chinese Medicine and the vagus nerve in 1975 when I was traveling throughout the United States and much of Europe seeking medical assistance. Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) had cured me the previous year of a disease that literally affected me from head to foot. The doctor who cured me refused to tell me what disease I had had. She referred to it as "Chinese kidney". When I pressed her for a Western name for the disease, All she would say was I would find my way. To me this sounded like a saying from a fortune cookie and not what I would expect from a physician. I began to worry that I would become sick again.


In 1974, I was congested with mucus, suffered from headaches, had chronic sore throats and irregular bowels. My physician who was director of immunology at a leading New York hospital began an antibiotic treatment(Tetracycline) for what he described as low grade infection. He also tested for an allergy condition that have been affecting my immune system. Some of the symptoms disappeared with Tetracycline, but reappeared within days after discontinuing the medication. After the first Tetracycline prescription, I thought I was cured. My sexual energy improved greatly. In 1974, it was very difficult confiding to a physician sexual difficulties. Impotency was considered psychosomatic.

In the ensuing months my tongue became very swollen and painful. I began to have difficulty talking and my ears and sinuses became blocked with mucus. My urine was scanty In a few months I was hardly urinating and I became extremely constipated. My constipation was so severe, lasting more than a week that I could relate to Eric Erickson's thought that constipation was like a pregnancy. At times, my urethra was so swollen I needed to use a urethra suppository. I was having pains throughout my upper and lower back. I had constant headaches and extreme facial pain. The physician sent me for consultations to various specialists: a neurologist for slipped disc possibility, a urologist for my problems with urination(cystoscope) and gastroenterologist for my bowel problems(upper GI series, barium enema).ear nose and throat specialist for a possible deviated septum. The latter provided a few hours temporary relief by opening my sinuses. None of the physicians were able to provide a diagnosis and had no idea on how to alleviate the symptoms. With pains literally from head to feet, I began an exploration of alternative medicine: acupuncture and chiropractic.

During my journeys throughout the United States and much of Europe trying to understand what disease I had had, Chinese physicians and academics told me it was their belief that much of Chinese medicine could be explained by the vagus nerve. At that time I knew nothing about the vagus nerve One time this knowledge was confided to me after an acupuncture treatment in the acupuncturist's consultation room. Another time, this was told to me in the middle of an acupuncture treatment as the acupuncturist inserted needles in my back. At that time I had no idea what the vagus nerve was and had no idea how important the vagus nerve was to my health. Neither did any of the Western physicians I spoke with. They felt the Chinese physicians were "playing doctor".

I will write more in future posts about my experiences with western and complementary medicine and the physicians who treated me. I will state it is my experience human experimentation programs took place in doctor's offices and hospitals as well in public establishments: restaurants, hotels, trains etc. The programs continue today. They are no longer experiments. They are policy.


Captain Paul E. Tyler in "The Electromagnetic Spectrum in Low-Intensity Conflict" states "that electromagnetic radiation has been reported in the literature to induce or enhance the effects of acupuncture". ((Lt Col. David J. Dean, Editor,Low-Intensity Conflict and Modern Technology. Air University Press, 1986, pg. 250)

In The Complete Book of Chinese Health and Healing:Guarding the Three Treasures(Shambhala, Boston 1995. pg.159), Daniel Reid writes:"The electromagnetic nature of human energy has been recognized by

traditional Chinese medicine and Taoist alchemy for at least 5000 years and as
recorded in the Internal Medical Classic over 2000 years ago. This energy was to
flow through human body via a complex network of channels(mai), meridians(jing)
and capillaries(luo). "

Reinhold Voll, a physician I visited in 1975 in Germany, believed Chinese meridian theory could be explained by understanding the mouth, especially the temporal mandibular joint and teeth. According to Voll, each tooth represented an organ(s) e. g. heart, liver, kidney,lungs, spleen- pancreas. Voll diagnosed and treated with electromagnetic radiation and homeopathic remedies. During the 1960's and 1970's he taught American dentists and was a leading developer of the field of biological dentistry.

Three Descriptions of Reinhold Voll's Research

Reinhold Voll, utilized:

"electronic devices to diagnose and treat for several decades. These devices are
founded upon the electromagnetic fields of the body and the acupuncture points and meridians. On a meter these instruments measure the degrees of bioelectric resistance at acupuncture test points. On a meter these instruments measure tiny degrees of bioelectric resistance acupuncture test points. On a meter thinstruments can depict organ weakness, excess, and degeneration with a precision and clarity..."
(Clark Manning and Louis Vanrenen, Bioenergetic Medicines East and West:
Acupuncture and Homeopathy, North Atlantic Books, Berkeley, California pg. 232

"In the 1950s, Renihold Voll, M.D. of Germany,
discovered that each tooth in the mouth relates to a specific acupuncture
meridian. Using his electroacupuncture biofeedback technique, he found that if a
tooth became infected or diseased, the organ on the same meridian could also
become unhealthy. He found that the opposite held true as well, that dysfunction
in a specific organ could lead to a problem in a corresponding tooth"(From
Alternative Medicine, The Definitive Guide, by the Burton Goldberg Group, 1994)

"R. Voll: used electrodermal measurements in the early 50's and
found that specific acupuncture points on the hand related to specific autonomic
ganglis.Was able to establish first list of environmental toxins found in
ganglsi noninvasively and also found effective antidotes."(Dietrich Klinghardt
MD,PhD.,Toxicity of Autonomic Ganglia and Plexi: Diagnosis and Treatment. 23rd
AnnualInternational Symposium on Man and his Environment, Dallas, Texas, June
9-12, 2005.)

My View of Reinhold Voll's Research

Reinhold Voll was a significant researcher who correlated Chinese medicine with homeopathy. I do not know whether Reinhold Voll participated in United States military and medical research but I believe his ideas influenced post World War II military-medical knowledge and policy. Although I do not know whether Voll was directly involved in the development of the programs that discombobulate and render victim's helpless, I believe his ideas were utilized in developing torture programs. Germany was involved with electromagnetic radiation decades before World War II. In fact, after Germany's defeat, the United States in Operation Paperclip placed those with knowledge of radar high on the list of occupations to recruit.

I remember visiting his office and reading citations and awards from international medical organizations. I also remember seeing a chronology of his career on the wall of his waiting room with the World War II years left blank. Voll knew significantly more about me than I had told him. He made disparaging remarks about me to an acquaintance and seemed to know much about my background including knowledge that my father was a famous western physician.

Voll taught American dentists how to treat temporomandibular joint syndrome(TMJ). He understood the effect of radiation on the jaw and the effect of toxins on health. It is highly likely he understood the effect of radiation and toxins on the vagus nerve. There is no doubt he understood the immune system in which the vagus nerve plays a major role. Though he did not practice Traditional Chinese Medicine, he was a healer who utilized Chinese medical theory. There is also no doubt he understood the effects of toxins on the hypothalamus and pituitary, two endocrine entities that the National Institute of Health (NIH ) concluded in 1996 were affected by acupuncture. Was Voll aware of the effect of environmental toxins in the development of diseases and conditions that are of concern today? Schizophrenia? Diabetes? Cancer? Dementia? Impotency?

I argued in "American Guinea Pig: My Struggle for Health and Freedom" that one of the purposes of MKULTRA was to understand the effects of toxins. I linked to an interview John Marks did with Victor Cohn, a George Washington University professor of pharmacology. It is my view the experiments were conducted to advance medical knowledge as well as to develop effective biological weapons. The cooperation between the military and the medical academic community did not begin with Guantanamo and if we had not been negligent in failing to address these ethical issues, there might never been a Guantanamo. If there were a President George W. Bush, his administration might have been quite different.

Radiation to the jaw can be a very unpleasant experience. At times your lower teeth can press against your upper teeth with force. For a period in the mid 1990's, sometimes when I ate my teeth would strike against each other with extreme force. This repeated until a tooth was knocked out. Perhaps, this is one of the reason the detainees at Guantanamo requested a dentist Since 1996, an attack on my mouth has occurred many times, often resulting in the loss of a tooth and an accompanying dysfunctional state. It is my belief an exploited dysfunctional vagus nerve can result in the "Learned Helplessness" condition that Jane Mayer mentions in her July 14, 2008 Harpers' interview with Scott Horton. is a good introduction to some of Reinhold Voll's ideas.


I believe the knowledge that electromagnetic radiation injures the vagus nerve has been known for years The following quote is from Captain Paul E. Tyler's essay in Low Intensity Conflict and Modern Technology

"Using relatively low-level RFR, it may be possible to sensitize large military groups to extremely dispersed amounts of biological or chemical agents to which the unirradiated population would be immune.(1) "

Captain Tyler is quoting from a 1982 Air Force review of biotechnology. The vagus nerve is not named, but it is obvious the military was aware of the effect of radiation on immunity. It is very possible this knowledge was gathered from the 1970's Guinea Pig vagus nerve experiments I have tried to expose. It was only in 2000 that Kevin J. Tracey published his work describing the vagus nerves importance to immunity.

There appears to be a significant delay in publishing the research and most likely this is because much of this research has been viewed as potentially militarily important. Top Secret classifications delayed the publication of health information that could have significantly advanced medical knowledge. In Chinese medicine the immune system correlates with the Chinese concept of protective qi, the individual's body armor against disease. is a good discussion of the Chinese concept of qi. The United States electromagnetic radiation and biological programs have the ability to affect all types of qi.

Two months ago I spoke briefly with Dr, Tracey and mentioned briefly Chinese Medicine's concept of protective qi which he told me he knew nothing about. I found Dr. Tracey very open and receptive to discussion. I do have a problem, that he and other researchers involved with the vagus nerve, enteric nervous system, spleen-pancreas and hypothalamus have told me they do not know anything about Chinese medicine. The Chinese copy our DVDs and we copy their medicine, a 21st century quid pro quo.


Pavlov:s Dream is being realized. The question is does achieving this great dream justify the means that are being utilized? Could this dream have been accomplished without excessive secrecy and unethical human experimentation? Did top secret classifications delay the publication of health information that significantly advanced medical knowledge. Throughout my research I have been concerned with two questions. What was known? When was it known? The military's relationship to post World War II medical research has never been sufficiently addressed. Those who are concerned about physicians cooperating with unethical programs in Guantanamo must realize this is not a recent phenomena. I agree with Jane Mayer when she states the torture programs will not be exposed because:

"keymembers of Congress sanctioned this program, so many of those who might
ordinarily be counted on to lead the charge are themselves compromised." (Scott
Horton Interview with Jane Mayer, Harpers, July 14, 2008)

However, it is not just the Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib detainee programs that key members have sanctioned. It is not just Congress. It involves key institutions that form our society: academic, religious, corporate, medical and legal. The Bush Administration did not begin these programs. They carried them forward. Significant involuntary human experimentation programs lasted decades before they were exposed. How and why are the important questions?


I am 63. Until recently, I have felt I would regain my health and freedom and discover what type of human being I am. Now after years of struggling for my health and freedom I feel I am justified in making the statement, "The United States human experimentation programs and torture/disease programs have taken my life." My future is only in explaining these programs.

"East Meets West" was one of my first Hill News Advertisements. It was intended to establish my credibility and help me attain my health and freedom. Seven years later, I am still seeking what may very well be the "impossible dream". The Vagus Nerve is a Hidden Network(But Not The Only Hidden Network) was written three months ago. Since the writing, my vagus nerve and hypothalamus have been re-injured. The United States cerebral cortex programs are the 21st century equivalent of Gulags and concentration camps. They do not just take place in Guantanamo, Abu Ghraib or secret prisons. They take place in open global society. Such is their power. As I wrote in "American Guinea Pig: My Struggle for Health and Freedom"

"It doesn't matter if you are in a taxi on Rockville Pike or Sukhumvit
Road in Bangkok, Thailand ; your apartment in Washington D C or your hotel in
London, England ; an internet cafe in Hong Kong or a library in Washington D.C.
As an old time taxi cab driver in 1970 said to me, describing the violence to
cabbies in Boston , Massachusetts ,"if they're going to get you, they're going
to get you." Neither Gandhi nor Dr. King would have succeeded if the climate had
been as repressive. The threat of an unchanging sterile society is very

They result in a victim becoming Ignored, Isolated and Injured. Every essential aspect of personal freedom is infringed. I can document my medical and legal experiences. I need the reader's assistance.

All legitimate victims need the reader's assistance.

Commentaries on "Does vagus nerve constitute a self-organization complexity or a 'hidden network'?" may be viewed at .

(Hidden Network is the first of a series of posts discussing the military medical complex and my view that medical knowledge is delayed by "national security" concerns from benefiting the public)


Tim Fleming said...

Operation Paperclip was a heinous program all around. One of the "evacuated" Nazis was Hubertus Stughold, often called the father of space medicine. He performed some of the cruelest, most useless experiments on the inmates in the death camps. He was given a aeronautics research position at Randolph Air Force Base in Texas after WWII. The Texas legislature thought so highly of him they declared a "Hubertus Strughold Day" in the 1980s.

Tim Fleming
author,"Murder of an American Nazi"

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Dear Sir, Madam,
Cheryl Welsh, Mind Justice: The Militarization of Neuroscience, By Hugh Gusterson, Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists (Online), 10 April 2007
Christians Against Mental Slavery:
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Resources / Other Sites :
Covert Electronic Weapons Spiel, Eleanor White, January 2, 2008
International Movement for the Ban of Manipulation of Human Nervous System by Technical Means
Timeline: Electromagnetic Weapons
by Judy Wall, Editor, Resonance Newsletter
Yours sincerely.

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