Monday, June 30, 2008


In "Apathy", my Feb. 7, 2008 posting, I wrote: "I am presently in a very bad situation which I will write about in future posts. It's deja vu all over again." It was not my intention for the future to be 4 months, Like many victims, I was just wishing my problems would go away. Instead I have been tortured severely and my vagus nerve and hypothalamus appear to have been re-injured. I had hoped I had reached a stage in my life when events like this would no longer happen. I am disappointed that the many people I contacted would offer no assistance: legislators, attorneys, journalists, physicians, clergy. Among these are well-known academics and journalists who have stated and written that I am a good researcher but when the going got tough, they got going. This has been my experience since I realized I had major problems 30+ years ago. As long as there is official denial of these programs and pathological apathy amongst the public, these programs will prosper. During his presidency, Jimmy Carter referred to "a crisis of of confidence affecting our society". Today this malaise is malignant and threatens our democracy.

I had hoped by showing restraint and by not being overly confrontational, my problems would go away. By not blogging I have made my situation much worse. The meek become meeker. The road to medical programs affecting hundreds of thousands of citizens(GAO figure) has been filled with people who gave our government the benefit of the doubt. There are reasons why human experimentation programs have lasted decades before they are exposed.


Joe Harding was not a human experimentation victim but his death from exposure to plutonium was covered up."Stricken with cancer, his body mottled with painful sores, uranium worker Joe Harding picked up a pen for a final postscript to his nine-year struggle against the U.S.-owned factory he blamed for his fatal illness. "It is absolutely futile," he wrote just before his 1980 death, "like fighting a tiger with a toothpick. Two decades later, Harding is being proclaimed a "Cold War hero" by the same government that brushed aside his claims of dangerous radiation inside the Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant in western Kentucky."(Washington Post, 8/11/99).


We would not have some of the national policy embarrassments we have today if the public had been more involved. Many of the Guantanamo, Abu Ghraib interrogation techniques originated with the programs I address. Significant health research originated from these programs but there has been unwarranted delays releasing this knowledge? One example is the 1996 NIH acknowledgment of the effectiveness of acupuncture upon the hypothalamus and pituitary. I believe that knowledge was known as early as 1980, if not before, How could there be a computer blackberry age if carpal tunnel syndrome and the possibility of more serious illnesses were acknowledged? I believe knowledge about the harmful effects of mobiles are buried in these programs as well as the harmful effects of other toxins.


I would be helped greatly if the readers of this blog would file FOIA requests regarding the programs I have blogged about. I have no problem being an open book and would appreciate help attaining all my files to establish my credibility in order to better defend myself and expose these programs. An inspection of my legal and medical records will validate my claims In addition, my father, Bernard Harold Perlman was a very well known New York City physician, a former president of the New York Cardiological society. a New York City deputy commissioner of health. His patients included New York's political and religious elite. I will not name them out of respect for physician-patient confidentiality, but in his position as physician and implementer of health policies, it is very possible he knew about these programs, In future posts, I will provide the names of my physicians including some of those involved with toxins and electromagnetic radiation. Unlike many victims, my physicians in the early 1970's were involved with electromagnetic radiation, toxins, hypothalamus and vagus nerve research. Some published their research.

My hope is not with the the journalists, attorneys, or the members of congress I have communicated with over the past 15+ years. The solution is with you, the Netizen community. If presidential candidates can raise millions for their campaigns on the Internet, victims should be able to protect themselves. This is not just about me. This also applies to individuals like the Canadian citizen who has been prevented from returning to Canada from Sudan.
Netizen civic responsibility should not be a feel good enterprise. It requires an effort: people becoming involved, not just with causes but with each other. . In an ideal post 9/11 world, our government should be as open as it is asking its citizens to be.

I would like to avoid Joes Harding's fate. FOIA helps level the playing field. Congressional or presidential post humous apologies are the equivalent of a of a "hardy handshake" in WC Fields' "The Bank Dick". There is a pattern to react with indignation to crimes we learn about 20 years too late, The same indignation must be voiced at today's crimes


Soon, it may become too late to expose the United States' post World War II Medical programs. Many of the researchers and victims will have passed. These programs influenced the world we live in today. The post World War II period is the innocent child that has resulted in George Bush, the Patriot Act, and large increases in Alzheimer's, schizophrenia and diabetes . It is becoming evident that some of the "nonlethal" biological programs may be exposed soon. Only if citizens become involved will the truth triumph over disinformation. The recent Pentagon FOIA release "Bioeffects of Selected Nonlethal Weapons", , raises many questions which I will be blogging about in future posts. I will also provide more chronology on my experiences the past 4 months.