Thursday, February 14, 2008


"American Guinea Pig: My Struggle for Health and Freedom", the first entry in this blog, is an introduction to my experiences and is no where near the full story. American Guinea Pig was written months before Katherine Shrader of the AP reported the NSA monitoring Doctors and Lawyers relationships with suspected terrorists. ("DOJ : NSA Could've Monitored Lawyers' Calls" AP 3/25/2006). In one of my last Hill ads before I departed Washington, I summed up my experiences in an advertisement : "Attorney Wanted: Accused Terrorists Are Not The Only Ones Without Representation"(The Hill 12/11/2002).

I should have included physicians in the advertisement. In post World War II United States human experimentation research programs, there is a long history in monitoring physician- guinea pig relationships. In fact, an argument can be made that the technologies utilized in today's monitoring originated with these programs. In The Search For The Manchurian Candidate, John Marks wrote : "The Inspector General noted that the whole program could be compromised if an outside doctor 'made a correct diagnosis of an illness' Thus the MKULTRA program not only made some people sick but had a vested interest in keeping them from finding out what was really wrong." ( W.W. Norton & Co., pg. 106.) A look at the files of MKULTRA confirms that from the very beginning, a high priority was placed on the development of monitoring techniques.


Physicians go along with the human experimentation programs, an unpleasant necessity of doing business. How else can the longevity of these programs be explained? Many times when I lived in Washington DC 1998-2003, physicians would cancel appointments, even those I met socially who had invited me to call their office. Even when I could successfully have an appointment with a physician, he would refer me to another physician who would refuse me an appointment. One of my biggest disappointments is not finding a physician who would understand the importance of taking a stand and speaking out.

In the sidebar, "My Father's Estate" I address some of the difficulties I have had retaining attorneys It is obvious that it is the government and not my father who is worried about me with money. I don't believe my father in the last hours of his life, when he could neither speak nor sign his name, used hand signals to change his will. If this had been his intention, I am sure he would have done this months or years before. The government is not just in bedrooms but in the dyings' hospital rooms


In American Guinea Pig, I write about interference with my relationship with .doctors and lawyers but the reality is there is total monitoring. There are few relationships that are not within the Government's reach. What is shocking is the ease that all these activities are accomplished. It is impossible to network to protect yourself. "Ignore, isolate and injure" is the mo of these programs whether you are in the United States or in London, Beijing, Sydney or Seoul. Many of those in Europe, Asia, Oceania who claim to be victims believe they have been victims for decades. It is not just attorneys and physicians who have failed the victims but also journalists, legislators, clergy as well as their fellow citizens. To understand how this total control of an individual is accomplished is as important as exposing the individual programs.

It is important to recognize that the global aspects of these programs were addressed by Congress and Presidential Commissions in the 1970's. In "Testing and Use of Biological and Chemical Agents by the Intelligence Community", the U. S. Senate wrote about the international structure of the MKULTRA program: " The development, testing, and use of chemical and biological agents by intelligence agencies raises serious questions about the relationship between the intelligence community and foreign governments, other agencies of the Federal Government, and other institutions and individuals." This quote is relevant in helping to understand the evolution of the anti-terrorist programs, especially the cooperation between intelligence agencies in torture and rendition programs.


1975, 1980 and 1996, I left the United States to first seek medical treatment and in later years to try to escape the United States Programs which I have found as likely to be successful as avoiding death and taxes They are global, so global that no longer can they be considered solely United States programs. Renditions could not have occurred without the consent of significant members of the global community. Neither could (the cerebral cortex behavioral modification mind control programs) I address.

My strategy during the past 15 years has been to look forward and be willing to forget the past. Let bygones bygones. I think most guinea pigs feel this way. Unlike many victims, my physicians in the early 1970's were involved with electromagnetic radiation, toxins, hypothalamus and vagus nerve research. Some published their research. An inspection of my legal and medical records will validate my claims Except for a couple of instances, I have never named an individual. physician, lawyer, legislator, clergy etc whom I have interacted with. I have been willing to forgive those who have knowledge about my suffering. even those who participated in my suffering. What is troubling is no one seems to realize these programs contaminate our society. These programs are not about guinea pigs; they are about us.

Thursday, February 7, 2008


The article "Apathy and Pituitary Disease: It Has Nothing to Do With Depression" describes many of the physical and emotional symptoms that I have experienced over the past 35+ years. Ten years ago, when I lived in the Washington DC area, I was told by a physician who refused me treatment that Cushing's syndrome was the "likely" experiment. In American Guinea Pig: My Struggle for Health and Freedom(my first blog entry) I allude to apathy in my Georgetown University School of Foreign Service and my University of Iowa Writers Workshop experiences. In fact, there are many parallels between the symptoms described in this study and those I have described in my writings: impotence, enlargement of chest, abdominal distension, loss of energy etc. The mind control programs disfigure and discombobulate and very likely many of the victims suffer from hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis dysfunction.

Do our citizens suffer from pathological apathy? What other diagnosis can explain the longevity of many of the human expeirmentation programs before they are exposed?
I once knew a fellow who wrote a pornographic novel. At his publishing party, he autographed the books " I couldn't have done it without you." Well the government couldn't have done these programs without the American public. For me, the issue of not obtaining the assistance of my fellow citizens is as big an issue as the government's efforts to deny me my health and freedom. I am presently in a very bad situation which I will write about in future posts. It's deja vu all over again.