Thursday, February 7, 2008


The article "Apathy and Pituitary Disease: It Has Nothing to Do With Depression" describes many of the physical and emotional symptoms that I have experienced over the past 35+ years. Ten years ago, when I lived in the Washington DC area, I was told by a physician who refused me treatment that Cushing's syndrome was the "likely" experiment. In American Guinea Pig: My Struggle for Health and Freedom(my first blog entry) I allude to apathy in my Georgetown University School of Foreign Service and my University of Iowa Writers Workshop experiences. In fact, there are many parallels between the symptoms described in this study and those I have described in my writings: impotence, enlargement of chest, abdominal distension, loss of energy etc. The mind control programs disfigure and discombobulate and very likely many of the victims suffer from hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis dysfunction.

Do our citizens suffer from pathological apathy? What other diagnosis can explain the longevity of many of the human expeirmentation programs before they are exposed?
I once knew a fellow who wrote a pornographic novel. At his publishing party, he autographed the books " I couldn't have done it without you." Well the government couldn't have done these programs without the American public. For me, the issue of not obtaining the assistance of my fellow citizens is as big an issue as the government's efforts to deny me my health and freedom. I am presently in a very bad situation which I will write about in future posts. It's deja vu all over again.

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