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Richard Hellstrom said...

During the 46 years I've lived in America , our government has murdered , tortured , harassed and exposed billions of people or more to human experimentation !

Theirs just no telling how many millions ( or more ) of people that have died under the guise of being a human experiment in America !

What we live under in America is Anarchy ! Their is never any accountability in these actions and frequently our government include our corporations so they can utilize these experiments for profit !

Considering around 80 percent of all human experiments in America are thought to have no rational reasoning by their own industries and the media and the fact that our defense leaders who need money for necessary DEW experiments can't get it , many Americans are left complexed as to what our government is actually trying to achieve through these human experiments.

Here is a recent report by Congress on Human Exposure ! Pages 41 through 44 detail the actions !


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Richard Hellstrom

Richard Hellstrom said...

( Note - Sorry If this published more than once ! I was having problems with the site ! )
My Published Letter !
On March 25th 2007 , CBS reported that one out of every three homeless people were veterans living on the streets. In the same article they listed this number at 200,000 and said the VA could only house 14,000 veterans.
The article further stated that one out of every three Iraq veterans will have a mental illness when they return to America !
On Dec 12th, it was reported that the 2006 suicide rate among Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans rose to 17.3 percent per 100,000 thousand veterans. This was the highest level in the last 26 years.
If the reward of serving your nation is being , killed in action , cast out on the street , accused of having mental illness because you simply served in a police action or feeling like you have to terminate your life because of some sort of massive movement to outcast veterans, I would suggest that our youth seek a better means of employment ! This one seems to have Fatal marked all over it !

My comments -
If you read the uncensored version of " All The Presidents Men" ( First Editions Warner Bros. ) it stated that we had incorporated a Black Operational Government that was formulated from experiments of Psychological and Electronic Warfare conducted in Vietnam during the Vietnam War ! I guess that explains the complaints about the Microwave attacks by the Veterans ! We were always taught that this kind of government was a form of communism and only used by countries like the Soviet Union , Communist Red China and other Eastern Block Communist Countries ! I guess its still a general consensus that utilizing electronic and psychological warfare against your own citizens to force them into prisons , programs of psychology , homelessness and suicide and etc ... is still considered a form of communism ! Many people contend its a form of Freedom and Democracy ! Of course I disagree !
It also stated that we had signed a " A System To Delete The Need For War " , into our Executive ! This information was leaked by Mark Felt ! Seems like a secret society wanted to exclude their children from any type of future military service or from becoming homeless !

Richard Hellstrom said...

Does America Owe The World An Apology ?
Do you ever wonder what objective a government assumes when they begin creating massive political advocacies for genocide.

Consider this !

American Eugenicists created the eugenics movement in Germany in the 1930′s by personally interacting , sending literature and promoting eugenics in their medical and scientific communities. Their forced sterilization programs in this era were contrived by America inspiration, thought and practice. Many German eugenics programs were developed and funded by the Rockefeller Foundation such as the one Josef Mengele attended before transferring to Auschwitz. American Eugenicists leader C. M. Goethe openly bragged about how American Eugenicists shaped and fortified the political , intellectual and public support that brought Adolph Hitler to power and control of Germany. The American Eugenicists Researcher Harry H. Laughlin bragged that it was his model of Eugenic Sterilization Laws that were implemented in the 1935 Nuremburg racial hygiene laws. He later received a doctorate from Germany for the science of racial cleansing at the anniversary of Hitler’s 1934 purge of the Jews from the Heidelberg faculty. A 1911 Carnegie Institute Report stated that our doctors had quietly implement variable programs of eugenic euthanasia to perform social cleansing in America.

These political and genocidal actions taken by America destroyed millions of lives and they won’t ever be trusted by the international community again !